Cigars, Beer & Jesus

Recently I was invited to a “men’s fellowship” by a friend. My first question was, “What is men’s fellowship?” He told me that it was a group of guys that got together, smoked cigars, drank beer and talked about Jesus. I thought “cool, wait, what?” Yep, cigars, beer and Jesus. It was so strange of a combination that I had to at least check it out. It turned out that my friend was exactly right. They shared a drink, had a few cigars and talked about Jesus.

One thing, among many, that struck me is how well they knew their target audience. They knew where they lived, what they liked and the language they spoke. There was a brief, as they call it, testimony time and I’m fairly certain I heard an F-bomb dropped. There was no commotion to silence or correct the individual speaking, just honest sharing. I talked to the founders of the group and they said that the guys they want to reach would likely never walk into a traditional church, but reaching them in this manner was inviting and engaging. They understood that we all have baggage and there was no pretension about the group.

They structured their entire mission, meeting format and atmosphere around reaching their target audience. How much more effective as business owners could we be if, like the men’s fellowship group, we understood our target audience and structured our offering around meeting their needs, wants and desires.

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  1. Jason
    Jason says:

    haha that’s awesome. Love it. Thanks for sharing Mat. Hope you are well. I appreciate the chances I got to share with you and Pam. Best wishes from Wyoming and please let me know if you are ever out west.


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